Hanging to Every Word

Do you know the feeling when you can't get past words? I mean, you get an email, let's say a job offer. It says "would you be interested in this position?" and all you can think is what do I reply? If you say "yes" it's just stupid. They didn't offer any interview, a time for one, nothing. Just if you're interested. You can't just reply with one word. But what do you say?

Why did they ask if I'd be interested in this? Why didn't they ask would I like to come for an interview? Are they unsure about me still? Are they just sending these emails to everyone? Will they think I'm rude if I just simply say I'm interested?

They used a smiley in the email, should I use one too, you know, to liven up the email? Then it wouldn't feel so short and silly? Do I say "best regards" in the end or something else?

Should I suggest meeting? Or a call? I don't like those so I can't. What if they suggest it? What if they don't like me after talking to me? Or what if I don't like the position after hearing more about it? Then they'll think I'm just wasting their time. I for sure am thinking that. Since I am.

I can't be worthy of things.

Three hours later, the email still only reads "Hi X," and nothing more. Still no decision on how to answer so it doesn't sound stupid, short, rude, something. So they would just take it as a "yes, tell me more." But I can't say that since it would be very rude and abrupt.

How does one look like polite and social and likeable? It's so hard. I just can't do it. My brain doesn't do it.

How does one just handle these things without getting caught in every single word. Why did they say that and not that? Why this word? Do they mean this?

And knowing they're not even writing their native language should make things easier since you know they might use some slightly wrong words. But no, still have to ponder every single word. Of every single sentence.

And five hours later I've finally replied "I would be interested to hear more about this position :)" and hoping it didn't sound completely stupid. One sentence, when they wrote a pageful of text. A smiley because they used one. To lighten it up. To look human. To pass.

Never opening email again.

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