All Broken

all broken inside
the confusion
the void
the lack of cohesion

I did not choose
I was chosen for
I didn't have a say
I couldn't do anything

I did not want this
I did not want anything else
I could not choose
I could not anything

I want things different
I want them how they are now
I want them every way
I don't want anything

my part is to cry
to feel the pain
to know I was helpless
and I was chosen for

I wish that someday
someday soon
I will be able to continue
to move forward

but I fear I won't be
won't be able
to do anything
to move on

the uncertainty
the fear
the hopelessness of it all
inside me

it envelops me
pulls me in
while still being inside me
me enveloping it

there is no way out
or is there
the final way
of infinite endings

I did not choose
I was chosen for
but I must live with it
every single day


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