Fake Social Media

You know how it is. You have "friends" online. People you've known for years. At some level. People you've spent time with, went to school with, all kinds. New and old.

Social media. Social. Where people socialize. Where you try to talk about your important things. Try to show things about you. Just like everyone else.

And then one day you realize nobody cares. Nothing you say matters. Everyone's hidden you, or just don't bother. Nobody says anything. To anything.

You send best wishes for Christmas, New Year, whatever. Look at other people getting dozens, even hundreds of likes and comments. You get six. Six. No more. From your 400 "friends."

Not even people you've spent time with, helped, without asking anything in return. Not even them. They have forgotten you a long time ago. Strangers who don't know you yet may say something, like something. Most of them don't either.

Social media. Except when it's you. When it's someone who doesn't only show the best sides of their lives. Or maybe don't have those even. When you're really you and people run away from that. Hide you. Treat you as an inconvenience. Something that just makes them feel bad.

But why? Because you remind them that not everything is fine. Not everything is great. Not everyone agrees with them and thinks the same. You break the illusion. Make them realize things. See things. Think about things. That's not good. That's bad.

We must only keep up the appearances on social media. Fake media. We can't have people actually know us. Or show them that our things aren't perfect. Everything must be.

After all, we're not human. We're perfect.

Except I am not. And neither are you. And to me that's the beauty of life. That's worth sharing.

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